Builders FirstSource Valuation Scorecard

At the current price of $144, what is the market’s view of Builders FirstSource’s future operating performance? To achieve average annual stock market performance of 9.0% over the next 6 years, Builders FirstSource shares will need to reach $242. To achieve Upper quartile performance, Builders FirstSource’s stock price will need to reach $285 by 2028.

PTR’s Valuation Scorecard focuses on Builders FirstSource’s potential stock price performance relative to its Peer Group. Three key drivers of value — Growth, Profitability, and Risk are analyzed.

Builders FirstSource has a current Value Trend Rating of A (Highest Rating). PTR’s Value Trend Rating is the overall measure of a stock’s attractiveness relative to a universe of all companies traded on North American exchanges. Stocks with high Value Trend Ratings are expected to outperform the general market while low Value Trend Rating stocks underperform.

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