Alert: Rating Upgrade (11/10/23)-Computer Programs and Systems In (NASDAQ: CPSI).


Stock Rating Upgrade

Reflecting improving fundamentals and high Appreciation Potential, the Value Trend Rating for Computer Programs and Systems In (NASDAQ: CPSI) improved recently. CPSI’s current Value Trend Rating is C and the prior Rating was D. Details supporting this higher rating are included in our next report.


Recent Price Action

On 11/10/23, Computer Programs and Systems In (NASDAQ: CPSI) stock suffered a very large decline of -6.3%, closing at $10.93. Relative to the market the stock has been extremely weak over the last nine months and has declined -22.0% during the last week.

Current PriceTarget Research Rating

CPSI is expected to continue to be a Value Builder reflecting capital returns that are forecasted to exceed the cost of capital.

Computer Programs and Systems In has a current Value Trend Rating of C (Low Neutral). This VT Rating improved in recent days from D previously. With this rating, PTR’s two proprietary measures of a stock’s current attractiveness are providing very contradictory signals. Computer Programs and Systems In has a very high Appreciation Score of 85 but a very low Power Rating of 4, and the Low Neutral Value Trend Rating results.

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