Alert: Positive Investment/Fundamental Signals (11/14/23)-Camden National Corp (NASDAQ: CAC)


Extremely significant positive changes in Camden National Corp (NASDAQ: CAC) investment behavior have recently occurred: its shorter term price trend turned up, and the stock’s recent price rise disrupted its longer term downtrend.

Recent important positive changes in fundamentals have benefitted Camden National Corp (NASDAQ: CAC): significant quarterly sales acceleration occurred, and the consensus estimate for December, 2023 increased significantly.

In light of these very positive signals we are reviewing our current Overall Rating of C. We would view the shares with optimism pending completion of this review in the next several days.


Current PriceTarget Research Rating

Reflecting future returns on capital that are forecasted to exceed the cost of capital, CAC is expected to continue to be a modest Value Builder.

Camden National has a current Value Trend Rating of C (Low Neutral). The Value Trend Rating reflects consistent signals from PTR’s two proprietary measures of a stock’s attractiveness. Camden National has a neutral Appreciation Score of 58 and a slightly negative Power Rating of 35, with the Low Neutral Value Trend Rating the result.

Recent Price Action

Camden National Corp (NASDAQ: CAC) stock closed at $35.23 on 11/14/23 after a very large increase of 8.1%. Relative to the market the stock has been weak over the last nine months but has risen 8.2% during the last week.

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