Alert: Negative Investment/Fundamental Signals (11/22/23)-Sleep Number Corp (NASDAQ: SNBR)


Sleep Number Corp (NASDAQ: SNBR). Extremely important negative changes in investment behavior have recently occurred: negative upside/downside volume developed, and the stock fell on very heavy volume.

Sleep Number Corp (NASDAQ: SNBR). Significant negative changes in fundamentals have recently occurred. Negative developments: significant quarterly sales deceleration occurred, the consensus estimate for December, 2023 decreased significantly, and the consensus estimate for December, 2024 decreased significantly. Positive development: significant quarterly earnings acceleration occurred.

The stock is currently unrated.


Current PriceTarget Research Rating

Reflecting future returns on capital that are forecasted to fall short of the cost of capital, SNBR is expected to be a major Value Eraser.

Sleep Number is currently unrated.

Recent Price Action

Sleep Number Corp (NASDAQ: SNBR) stock suffered a very large decline of -9.1% on 11/22/23. The shares closed at $10.18. The stock has declined -10.2% during the last week and has been extremely weak relative to the market over the last nine months.

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